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Engadget HD Podcast 376 - 11.27.13

Jon Turi, @jonturi

The Xbox One has finally arrived at chez Lawler, so Richard and Ben gets things headed in Microsoft's direction right off the bat. As with the PS4, this console still could use some time in the oven, but it probably could take the heat -- its fan hasn't made a peep after days of "always on" use. This show isn't just about consoles though; LG's nefarious activities fall under scrutiny and service updates are popping up all over, including Chromecast's adoption of HBO Go. So please join us for this pre-holiday edition of the Engadget HD Podcast at the streaming links below... before your food coma sets in.

Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh, Richard Lawler

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the podcast:

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