HBO Go comes to Chromecast on both Android and iOS

See, when the Chromecast first launched, it was intriguing primarily because of its exceptionally low price point. People who ran out and bought one (which included more than a few Engadget editors) were investing in promised future functionality, not its current feature set. Well, it's safe to say that money was not wasted. With today's announcement that HBO Go will now support Chromecast, Google has brought most of the major non-sports streaming properties to its tiny dongle, including Netflix and Hulu. It's particularly impressive given how notoriously slow HBO has been to bring its streaming service to "new" platforms. Now Google-loving nerds across the US will be able to get their "Game of Thrones" fix on demand on their TV simply by tapping an icon on their Android or iOS tablet. Of course, that is if you're an HBO subscriber. The update is already hitting both the iTunes App Store and Google Play, so go download it now.