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Race the Sun crashes Steam on December 9, finally


Race the Sun was Greenlit on October 2, and as a game whose main objective is to out-pace the sun, it's unsurprisingly on a fast-track to hit Steam: December 9 for PC, Mac and Linux. Race the Sun has had a bumpy, yet serendipitous, ride until now.

... Sorry, we just got distracted picturing a pilot getting on the intercom of a packed commercial flight to say, "Buckle up; we've got a bumpy yet serendipitous ride ahead of us." That would be ridiculous.

Race the Sun launched independently through developer Flippfly in August, and in its first month, it sold just 771 copies for a total of $7,400. That rocky launch almost kicked Flippfly out of original development. "As I write this, we're running out of money, and will likely need to take on some other work to keep ourselves and our families fed for a while," Flippfly said at the time. But, that blog post put more eyeballs on Race the Sun's Steam Greenlight campaign. By the time Flippfly put together the Not on Steam Sale, Race the Sun was Greenlit.

The Steam version of Race the Sun includes cloud saves, achievements, trading cards, leaderboards, Steam Workshop and supports controllers in Big Picture Mode. Anyone who's bought the game or buys it in the future from other outlets gets a complimentary Steam key.

"Our launch on Steam is a testament to the power of community, and sticking with something you believe in," Flippfly says. "We wouldn't be here without our fans, the support of the indie community – and perhaps a good dose of stubbornness."

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