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Today is your last day to buy WoW for $4.99, or some sweet Halloween snack plates


If you're looking for a cheap copy of World of Warcraft you're in luck. Today is the last day that you can pick up the game for a whopping $4.99. That'll get you levels 1-85, and all the game's content up through Cataclysm. Mists of Pandaria is also on sale for $9.99.

Now you might be asking yourself, "$4.99? If it was only $4.95 I might go for it, but I can buy so many cooler things for $4.99." That's a very reasonable thing to think about, but let's look at some other amazing items you can buy for $4.99 to put it in perspective.

Now how do you feel about that extra $0.04? I bet you're feeling pretty good about how great of a value WoW is compared to the other things you can buy for $4.99. Unless you really want a picture of grandma, a hammer, and some packing tape. Maybe your grandma has a nail she needs nailed or something. Fine, go do that instead of buying WoW. We'll just go kill all those boars without you.

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