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Serenity soon: Eufloria HD blooms on PS Vita later this month


Omni Systems' space-faring strategy game Eufloria HD is taking root on PS Vita this month. This new port, which doubles its predecessor's frame rate, adds refined touch controls and improves upon the visuals through greater pixel density, will be available in North America on December 17 and in Europe on December 18.

Eufloria HD focuses on a group of interstellar lifeforms called Euflorians. Their goal is to colonize asteroids, grow and expand, with players assuming the role of a commander who must guide and nurture the Euflorians' development in real-time.

In our review, we particularly enjoyed "the dreamy, ambient score" but cautioned that the game can be a bit overwhelming to real-time strategy newcomers. No price for Eufloria HD has been announced, though the original PS3 release was priced at $9.99.

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