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10 million people downloaded Clumsy Ninja in a week


He's called Clumsy Ninja, but the feat he pulled off in the App Store surely required a good bit of dexterity. According to developer NatualMotion, the interactive-character game was downloaded 10 million times in its first week of availability, VentureBeat reports. Wow.

The Clumsy Ninja app isn't like a traditional iOS game. You are given the ability to interact with a speechless ninja who stands on the screen and waits for you to act. You can poke him, throw him, give him items or play games with him, all of which helps the tiny guy gain experience and additional interactive options.

The game is free to play, so those 10 million downloads don't necessarily mean NaturalMotion is rolling in the dough. But given that there are no small number of microtransaction options built into the game, it's hard to imagine the company isn't ridiculously pleased with how things are going.

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