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Apple is giving away a Holiday Playlist album full of holiday hits


To get you in the spirit of the holidays, Apple is giving away a free Holiday Playlist album to anyone who uses the Apple Store app for iPhone. Recently Apple has started giving away a weekly app inside its Apple Store app, but this marks the first time the company is giving away an album. The album also appears to be available for longer than the usual one week that free app downloads get in the Apple Store app -- it's available until December 31.

Holiday Playlist features eight tracks of contemporary and classic holiday tunes from artists such as Nick Lowe, Mary J. Blige, Marvin Sapp, Kelly Clarkson and more. To get the album, open the Apple Store app on your iPhone, scroll down to where it says "Holiday Cheer" and then tap the "Download now for free button." You'll be taken to the iTunes Store app, where a download code will be generated in the Redeem field. Tap "Redeem" and the songs begin downloading.

The free Holiday Playlist album offer is only available via the Apple Store app for iPhone and not via the new Apple Store app for iPad. Also, for now it appears this deal is only available for US iTunes Store users. But those of you in other countries shouldn't feel left out for long. Apple typically launches a 12 Days of Christmas promotion featuring free downloads for many countries in Europe at the end of December.

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