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Apple says iOS 7 adoption is at 74%


Apple on Thursday updated its developer website with a chart indicating that iOS 7 adoption as of December 1 is already at 74 percent. The chart additionally reveals that 22 percent of iOS devices are still running iOS 6, while just 4 percent of iOS devices are running even older iterations of iOS.

The 74 percent figure is extremely impressive, and further serves to highlight that Apple does a tremendous job of releasing major iOS updates capable of running on older devices. The iPhone 4, for example, was released about three and a half years ago and still supports iOS 7.

This stands in stark contrast to Android where only 1.1 percent of devices are currently running Android 4.4, otherwise known as KitKat. What's more, 42 percent of Android devices are currently running various iterations of Android that were first released way back in 2011.

This certainly aligns with a chart we highlighted earlier this week illustrating how a number of Android devices, just two years into their life cycles, often fall two major versions behind the most recent update to Android.

Earlier this week, Chitika released its own adoption rate data, which pegged iOS 7 adoption on the iPhone and iPad at 74.1 percent and 63.8 percent, respectively. And for all you curious minds out there, Chitika found that iOS 5 adoption on the iPhone currently checks in at 2.6 percent, while the number of iPhones currently running iOS 4 checks in at 0.9 percent.

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