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Double Dragon Trilogy takes the fight to iOS, Android


Mobile retrogaming specialist DotEmu has released its arcade beat-'em-up compilation Double Dragon Trilogy for iOS and Android devices, following up on its previous mobile ports of R-Type and Out of This World.

The collection includes the original arcade version of Double Dragon, along with its coin-op sequels Double Dragon 2: The Revenge and Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone. All games offer optional remixed soundtracks, Bluetooth-enabled co-op and controller support, and a new "mobile" difficulty mode that tones down the quarter-munching challenge of the arcade originals.

Bear in mind that the arcade version of Double Dragon 3 is completely different from the widely hated NES version, but it's arguably just as bad; among other things, it served as an early progenitor of paid DLC, requiring players to insert additional quarters for weapons and other in-game bonuses. Fortunately, the mobile version lets you feed its virtual arcade machine with as many credits as you want, making the game a breeze.

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