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Stiq Figures, November 25 - December 1: Brings me back edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

Sometimes a game does something so well that you can't really walk away. You might have finished its content or cleared out its achievements list, but you can still pour hours into it without really noticing. They're the games that find a way back into rotation even amongst a fresh avalanche of excellence.

I'm kind of between games like this as of late, but Super Mario World is probably the easiest example I'll ever have. There's something about that game's magic that besting the Koopa family dozens of times just can't kill off for me. I've learned most of its secrets on accident over the years, but they're never what I'm looking for. I come back to wreck havoc with Yoshis, to search the clouds for coins with a Cape Feather, to push Wigglers toward extinction as I re-learn how to escape the Forest of Illusion. I come back because Super Mario World is an unflinching match of my definition of fun, and I don't think that will change with 100 more views of the game's credits.

There have been more recent games that have done the same thing for me of course, but I already shared the big one. Now it's your turn! I'd like to hear about the games that have stuck with you long after their related game of the year discussions ended and what it is about them that makes them so memorable. What is it that they manage to do that seems to make the amount of time you spend with them irrelevant? Let me know in the comments, right after you check this week's Japanese hardware sales after the break!

3DS LL: 82,409 [UP] 18,700
Wii U: 28,518 [UP] 7,516
3DS: 25,964 [UP] 5,167
Vita: 20,202 [DOWN] 842
PS3: 13,311 [UP] 875
Vita TV: 5,391 [DOWN] 2,477
PSP: 4,232 [UP] 686
Wii: 588 [UP] 131
Xbox 360: 309 [DOWN] 33

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