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PSA: Twitch streaming goes public in Minecraft tomorrow


It's been available for a bit to those willing to muck about with slightly-esoteric settings menus, but barring catastrophe, tomorrow should bring simple, one-click Twitch streaming functionality to the Minecraft masses.

As we reported when the feature made its testing debut, streaming in Minecraft is obscenely simple. Simply toggle the streaming option in the game, then whenever you're doing something neat that you just have to share with the world, tap the F6 key and suddenly you've got an online audience for your blocky shenanigans.

There is still no word on whether streaming functionality will come to the Linux version of Minecraft. "Currently, Twitch for Minecraft only supports Windows (Vista and later) and Mac OS X (10.8, 10.9)," the company previously told us. "Linux support is currently not planned due to licensing issues surrounding the encoding software."

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