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Dueling Bushido game Samurai Gunn out now


Teknopants' stylish Bushido brawler, Samurai Gunn, has launched on Steam and through the developer's website today. You can grab it for $12 up until December 17, at which point it'll revert to its full price of $15.

Samurai Gunn is a 2D deathmatch-style game for two to four players. Each samurai, armed with a blade and gun, must duel to the death because that's just how samurais solve disputes. The game is characterized by its quick-paced combat and pronounced retro art style.

Samurai Gunn was an IGF 2013 stand-out and was also a featured game in the EVO 2013 Indie Showcase. PS4 and PS Vita versions are due sometime next year.

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