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Angry Birds Go! kart racer now in the App Store


There's a new dimension to the Angry Birds gaming ecosystem today, a wild kart racer title for iOS called Angry Birds Go! (free, with in-app purchases). The famous birds and pigs are now involved in a 3D downhill race in karts that range from soapbox racers to flying supercars... provided you're willing to spend a few dollars on upgrades (anywhere from US$1.99 to $49.99) or play until you're able to upgrade on sheer talent.

Tired of racing as the birds? You can switch sides and be a pig, getting your revenge on for all the times you've been blown up by the flock. There are multiple racetracks, including off-road races and stunt roads, and, as in the original classic game, each character has special powers that can be invoked.

Angry Birds Go! also adds Hasbro Telepods to the gaming fun. To switch characters in a race, you just place a Telepod figure on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (5G) camera. Guess what? Telepods are sold separately in sets ranging from $5 to $30.

All in all, Angry Birds Go! looks like a lot of fun, and also looks like a potential way to spend an astonishing amount of money on upgrades and add-ons. Check out the fun in the trailer below. Oh, and by the way -- the soundtrack is available in the iTunes Store as well...

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