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Apple ranks 35th in Glassdoor's 'Best Places to Work 2014' survey


Glassdoor has announced the results of its sixth annual Employees' Choice Awards that ranks the best places to work in America. The rankings are chosen by the employees who work at the companies and the awards are divided into two categories: large- and medium-sized companies. Apple, of course, fits into the large-company category and this year, it ranked number 35 out of the 50 best places to work. That's a drop of one place from last year's ranking.

Apple's place is determined by employees voting on a five-point "satisfaction" scale. Out of 2,557 votes, Apple received a 3.8-star satisfaction rating. Glassdoor breaks down satisfaction ratings into pros and cons based on employee feedback. Here are the top two pros and top two cons listed about working at Apple:


  • "You work with great people with great hours and great benefits."
  • "You get to meet a lot of great people since you are always in the public eye."


  • "Being relentlessly driven also means it is not easy to achieve work/life balance."
  • "Sometimes long hours because of product launches, but that's the best part of Apple."

Besides Apple, other technology giants that made the list included Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google -- all of which made the top 10 list. More than half a million employees voted in this year's Employees' Choice Awards.

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