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Side-scrolling Blade Hunter starts alpha tomorrow

MJ Guthrie

What do you do when you just have an urge to log in and beat something up? R2Games invites you to come try Blade Hunter, a new free-to-play fantasy side-scroller billed literally as "The beat 'em up MMORPG." This browser-based action title begins alpha on Thursday, December 12th at 10:00 a.m. EST, and interested players from all over the world can sign up on the official site to be a part of the testing.

In Blade Hunter's alpha, players can be either a Knight, a Rogue, or a Valkyrie. The game can be enjoyed solo, thanks to independent companions that can be gathered and equipped, but greater strength is achieved when forming parties and guilds. Players can also unlock Bladesouls, which are spirits of war that can change the course of encounters by creating such things as time-limited multiplayer events and ranked cross-server PvP duels. Check out the action in the official trailer below.

[Source: R2Games press release]

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