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Bing broadens Snapshot to include TED Talks, famous speeches and more straight from the results page


How do you improve adoption of a search engine? You make it so users never have to leave the results page, or so Microsoft's latest Bing enhancements would suggest. With the bevy of new features Bing's introduced today, users with an academic or historical bent can now get pretty much all the info they need directly from Snapshot, its preview window for queries. Searches for prominent people will now surface links to any famous speeches or TED Talks they've given, with content playing either from within that pane or just one-click away. Bing will also present users with online course listings for Universities, Wikipedia-sourced summaries for historic events and scientific theories, as well pertinent Animalia info (so you can figure out if that's a husky or a wolf you've just adopted). In all, it seems like these search enhancements are geared towards the academic set. So, it's good news if you're the lazy collegiate type -- now you don't even have to open separate tabs.

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