Bing rolls out new music video search, complete with hover-over previews

Bing's just received a big revamp to make scouring the web for music videos a cinch. This is the latest in the website's string of updates, which include adding image collections, highlighting trending social topics and retaining Twitter posts in search results. Whenever you query an artist's name or song in the video tab, Microsoft's search engine now shows a collection of clips from YouTube, Vimeo, MTV and other sources. The most popular music video appears at the very top of the page, along with its info and a list of songs by its artist. What's particularly nifty, however, is the ability to preview videos when you hover over one to confirm you've found what you're looking for. As a bonus, clicking an album title on the right-hand menu will display all its tunes, because you should never listen to Alejandro before going through Bad Romance.