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Officially licensed Mega Man board game blasts Kickstarter for mega bucks


Jasco Games took to Kickstarter to fund an officially-licensed Mega Man board game -called Mega Man The Board Game, appropriately enough - seeking $70,000 on the crowdfunding platform by January 19. After about 24 hours of life, it has already earned over $160,000. Our expert analysis leads us to deduce that people must really like Mega Man.

The core version of the board game celebrates the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary with nine colorless figurines, four of which are Mega Man, four robot masters and one Dr. Wily for $70. The $140 deluxe version adds Jasco Games' Time Man and Oil Man expansion to complement the game's multiple 40-card player decks, individual robot master game boards and dozens of token pieces.

The board game creators set up 11 stretch goals to continue the crowdfunding campaign, starting at $80,000 and working up to $500,000, the latter adding a fresh coat of paint to every figure. It will add more goals as they unlock, and five have already been met, bringing about alternate Mega Man figures, Guts Man and Fire Man expansions.

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