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This cooking pot can charge your iPhone


There aren't many things that can't charge your iPhone these days, and now we can add cooking accessories to the list of smartphone-powering accessories as well. The PowerPot X is currently being funded on a Kickstarter campaign, where it has already reached its goal with a further 33 days of its project remaining.

The PowerPot X uses thermoelectric power to generate 10 watts of power for charging any portable electronic gadget, including an iPad or two iPhones at once. The pot can be used on any heat source you have available, including a range or campfire, which I'm guessing would make it perfect for a remote camping trip.

As with most Kickstarter campaigns, there are different levels of funding, but the smallest pledge that will get you one of the pots is US$189, which doesn't actually sound that outlandish considering its ability to both cook you a meal and charge your iPad at the same time.

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