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Minecraft creeps to PlayStation 3 on December 17th


The extensive console exclusivity period Microsoft enjoyed with Minecaft on Xbox 360 is coming to a close, as the first-person world-building game digs in on PlayStation 3 tomorrow. Like its 360 brethren, Minecraft on PS3 is limited by the console's minuscule RAM -- the procedurally-generated worlds you'll explore are just a wee bit smaller than what's possible on a computer.

Of course, PlayStation 3 isn't the last stop for the Minecraft train: Vita, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions are all expected at some point in 2014. It's unclear whether the PlayStation version of Minecraft will experience the same flood of add-on, PlayStation-specific content as DLC post-launch, but developer Mojang says that, "would be cool!" We can't help but agree. As far as price is concerned, Mojang and Sony aren't saying; we're gonna take a wild guess that it'll be about the same as on 360, where it's $20.

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