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'iPhone 5s' third most-searched-for term on Google in 2013


Google has released its annual Year-End Zeitgeist results on the top 10 search terms that dominated the search engine this year. Announcing the results on its official blog, Google said:

In our annual Year-End Zeitgeist ("spirit of the times"), we reflect on the people, places, and moments that captured the world's attention throughout the year. This year marks our most global Zeitgeist to date-with 1,000+ top 10 lists across categories like Trending People, Most-Searched Events and Top Trending Searches from 72 countries.

The iPhone 5s was the most-searched-for piece of technology terminology, coming in at No. 3 on the list. Two other pieces of tech made the top 10, including the Samsung Galaxy S 4 at No. 8 and the PlayStation 4 at No. 9. Nelson Mandela garnered the No. 1 spot.

Google has also put together a video of the biggest moments from 2013 based on their Year-End Zeitgeist results, which you can check out below. Also below: the full top 10 list from Google's Year-End Zeitgeist.

1. Nelson Mandela
2. Paul Walker
3. iPhone 5s
4. Cory Monteith
5. Harlem Shake
6. Boston Marathon
7. Royal Baby
8. Samsung Galaxy s4
9. PlayStation 4
10. North Korea

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