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Just Sing It update polishes the best social karaoke app for singers, fans


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If you enjoy music and are not using Just Sing It, you are missing out. Just Sing It is a social karaoke app that allows you to sing your favorite songs and post them to your profile for the world to hear.

Singing is a big component of the app, but Just Sing It is more than just a karaoke app. There's also a robust social network that allows you to follow your favorite singers and have them follow you back. You can sing and chat for fun or use the app to promote your singing career. If you are not deep into singing, you can still hang out with favorite singers, listen to their music and play a guessing game that challenges you to listen to a clip of a song and guess its title.

Just Sing It debuted earlier this year and accrued more than 1 million user-generated songs in the first month after it launched. Called the Instagram of karaoke because of its ability to socialize with other singers, the app was recently overhauled to make it easier to share songs and reward singers that you enjoy.

Released today, version 2.0 of Just Sing It adds some creativity to the singing side of the app, allowing you to make up your own songs and add cover albums to your tracks. There's also some cool, new filters to let you change up the sound of your voice. For singers on the shy side (like me), there is an option to sing privately or publicly.

Version 2.0 of Just Sing also made it easier to find and network with other singers. There's a new billboard feature that'll highlight the top singers and a social feed to keep up to date with your followers. If you enjoy a song, you can "like" it or share on Twitter, Facebook or via SMS. If you want to get more personal, you can send a message to the singer or show your appreciation by giving them a gift of diamonds that they can use to earn iTunes credits. The diamonds are available via an in-app purchase with prices starting at US$1.99 for 10 diamonds. It takes 250 diamonds to earn a $10 iTunes reward.

Just Sing It is a wonderful social network for the musically inclined. Performers can use the app to showcase their talent, while music lovers can enjoy the conversation, games and the variety of music recorded by the singers. The Just Sing It app is available for free.

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