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EverQuest Next will feature a longer day/night cycle


If you're one of the few people who have ever given serious and lengthy thought and consideration as to the day/night cycle in MMOs, you might be a developer (real or armchair). In the latest EverQuest Next round table, the SOE team discusses how the day/night cycle will impact players and whether it should change from the EverQuest standard.

The EverQuest standard day/night cycle is 72 minutes (36 minutes for each half). In the poll, the most players said they were open to lengthening this cycle due to how the emergent AI will act depending on the time of day.

So what did the developers decide to do with this polling data? According to the round table, they're going to make the day/night cycle an even two hours long. Just as in real life. You can watch the discussion after the break.

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