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Heartwarming Apple story of the month


This is an absolutely heartwarming story about a kid named Bennett who recently had one of his dreams come true. Bennett was born a few weeks premature and, as a result, is visually impaired to a degree. Sadly, Bennett's vision will become progressively worse with time, so his parents were encouraged "to give him lots of visual memories before he loses more eyesight."

And so, Bennett came up with a list of things he wanted to see, and lo and behold, an Apple retail store made the list. So Bennett's parents arranged for him to visit a local Apple retail store and the result was nothing short of incredible.

We had mentioned his wish on Facebook because we thought it was so funny and to our surprise learned – wait, apparently we know some people who have Apple connections! They contacted us and asked some questions and started making some plans and were absolutely fantastic every step of the way. While we were hoping to just visit the store and let Ben play at the kid table, the Apple folks had so much more in mind.

And what Apple had in mind was truly inspiring.

And what was happening there? Rows of people all dressed in red clapping and cheering and welcoming our family. As you can see in the photos, Ben's face just LIT UP when he recognized the store. When he realized he was allowed to go inside??? He was stunned. When they greeted him by name? SHOCK! He got a bit bashful as he passed so many people cheering for him. (He later said he felt like a celebrity and wanted to know how they knew his name???) They did a mini tour & he was allowed to stand behind the Genius bar, which was so impressive to him. Then he asked me if he could play on one of the iPads at the little table like the kids were doing before we left. We sat down and explained not only could he play on one – but the one they had just shown him was FOR HIM.

There's a whole lot more in the full article that's well worth checking out in its entirety. You'll be hard pressed to find a more heartwarming story.

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