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In-game store and web store inconsistent in currency for some users


There is some strange inconsistency cropping up between currencies in the in-game store and the web shop. The above is an overlay of the same pets from the in-game store, and the web shop, accessed via the same account. The eagle-eyed reader will note that the in-game store is in £, pounds sterling, English currency. The web shop's images are in US Dollars. To reiterate, the same account is used for both, it is a US WoW account, and I am currently in the USA. You can see the in-game store, and web store in full, again both from the same account.

This is the same for friends in Europe, who, when using US accounts, have the in-game store in Euro, the local currency, while the web store is in US Dollars, and for friends on US accounts in Australia (which are the only ones available to Australian players), who have the in-game store in Australian Dollars, but the web store in US Dollars.

Why is it a problem? Well, these things are a lot more expensive in Euro or £ pricing than in US$. If you can read the currencies on the in-game store and the web store, if I used the in-game store I'd pay $7.40 for a discounted pet as opposed to $5. The Alterac Brew Pup costs me $13 on the in-game store, or $10 on the web store. The Fey Dragon costs me $36 on the in-game store, or $25 on the web store.

The moral of the story is that, until Blizzard fixes the in-game store to match the game region, use the web store for your US-region purchases!

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