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Joystiq Streams: The school of hard knocks and FIFA 14

Do you hear what I hear? No, it's not the sweet sounds of The Ronettes blasting out of a sweet surround sound system, coating the land with a thick smear of A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector. It's even more Joystiq Streams, broadcasting to the world in its time of need for holiday cheer. So in the interest of international unity, we're streaming football today. Futbol. Soccer. We're playing FIFA 14, okay?

At 4:00p.m. Eastern, head over to the Joystiq Twitch page for the match of the century. Mike Suszek, contributing editor extraordinaire, will be literally schooling Alexander Sliwinski, news editor overlord. Alexander is a FIFA 14 neophyte, getting his hands on the game for the very first time. The smell of red cards is lingering heavy in the air. We'll also be hanging in the chat, answering questions and being affable. Come on in!

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