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Keezy updates allow for multiple soundboards, give users free Reggie Watts-made boards for fun


Keezy, the best free color-coded soundboard creator on iOS, has been updated with two much-needed additions that will bring even more joy and cheer to your life.

For the first time, users can save and reload their soundboards, meaning you won't have to choose between recording new sounds and deleting your adorable cousins' clips from Thanksgiving.

To celebrate this new addition, the update gifts you a few free demo boards created by comedian/beatbox Reggie Watts and Francis and the Lights. You don't even need to provide your own sounds anymore. Right out the box, you've got the ability to beatbox like Watts in the palm of your hand. Why are you not already downloading this app? Do you hate fun?

The menu has also been updated to replace the text with new icons. It's a subtle change that is dramatically overshadowed by how much fun I've been having playing with the included soundboards today. Developer Elepath also announced in the notes of its iTunes update that it is aware its fans are eager for the ability to loop, share and export songs. This isn't a promise on its part, but at least the developer is listening.

You can find the complete release notes below. Head over to iTunes to snag a download before these guys figure out they should be charging a dollar for this.

As a treat, our friends REGGIE WATTS and FRANCIS AND THE LIGHTS made a few demo boards for you to play with!

Tell us what you think! @keezy on twitter or on email.

Also new in 1.2: - Icons instead of text in the menu

Things we know you want:

* Looping

* Sharing

* Export a song

* Bieber Happy Keezing! Pasquale and Jarod

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