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Dragon's Crown raises level cap, adds massive, randomized dungeon


All Dragon's Crown wants for Christmas is a massive new dungeon, increased level cap and a bit more soul-crushing difficulty. Fortunately, developer Vanillaware has an in with Saint Nick.

Previously, Dragon's Crown allowed players to develop their chosen brawlers to level 99. As of today, that cap has been raised to 255. To complement the extra 156 levels, Vanillaware has introduced a new Ultimate difficulty level that unlocks once players have cleared the ninth layer of the Labyrinth of Chaos. Not only is the Ultimate difficulty level intensely hard, it also offers players better rewards than lesser difficulty settings.

In addition, Vanillaware has introduced a new dungeon, dubbed "The Tower of Mirages." This dungeon is only available in the Ultimate difficulty setting, and is seemingly designed to break whatever self-confidence you might have. Each time to you enter The Tower of Mirages, its levels are randomized, which is problematic given that there are "tens of thousands of levels" for you to hack and slash your way through.

On a more generous note, Vanillaware has also included a few stability fixes in this new update, along with a new feature that allows anyone who has completed the Story Mode to skip right past it when creating a new alternate character.

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