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Back to Bed sleeping in, will miss Christmas launch window

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Bedtime Gaming's successfully Kickstarted puzzle game Back to Bed has gone to rest its weary head before it stumps us all with some brainteasers. In less metaphorical terms relating to beds, the game has been pushed back from its planned Christmas launch window.

"We know the estimated launch date for Back to Bed is delayed again," reads an update on the game's Kickstarter page. "But we can't put a product on the street that isn't done. This would kill the game! We just gonna have to live with the fact that the game is not going to launch before it's completely done."

The update cites a "restructuring" of Bedtime Games as the reason for the delay, and assured backers that they would not be disappointed. A new release date was not given.

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