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Community Blog Topic Results: World of Warcraft expansion ideas


The current Community Blog Topic is "Pitch your World of Warcraft expansion." There were so many wonderful ideas -- too many to spotlight in this column. I have just excerpted one small piece of some of the expansion ideas, so if you see something that interests you, click through the link. It will be well worth it.

Astalnar at Cogitationes Astalnaris

Fury of the Lich Queen
Jaina goes berserk, for every injustice and fault that she suffered in all those years. We start the expansion with clensing the water sources that Jaina poisoned with her arcane magic. After that we have to deal with random portal shifts that release vast amounts of Mana Wraiths and demons on us.

Taitrina from Still Searching

Curse of the South Seas

I'm thinking that it's time that the Alliance do something. They don't have to win and in fact they are not going to but they are going to be pro-active. They are going to march north in the Eastern Kingdoms. Based out of Arathi they are going to fight against the Forsaken and try and reclaim territory for the Alliance. Now this is just not going to happen obviously as the Horde gained land in Cata to rebalance what had been in the Alliance's favor, an old gameplay inequality from vanilla. However, it's about the Alliance doing something, not just reacting to what the Horde do. This time the Horde will react to the Alliance and send their heroes to sabotage the Alliance's efforts.
Herr KlokBok from the Exodar Sisters

The Ebon Insurrection
The Knights of the Ebon Blade used Northrend as a staging area for a quest of a fabled land – Icemark, a continent yet unknown, north of Northrend. A land of ice and storms, of fire and brimstone. Pristine, uninhabited (save some small, long forgotten colonies of vrykul). The Ebon Blade didn't have to break a sweat conquering it. And now ... they are posed for retaliation. An army of barbaric tribes under the command of Mograines loyalists threatens to wreak a terrible revenge on the people who spurned them.
JeffLaBowski at Sportsbard
To start my expansion off, it would have to do with the Explorer's League and the Reliquary finding another continent (there could be a whole bunch on the other side of the globe). Toying with the idea of having 2 continents, like Eastern Kindoms and Kalimdor, fulled with new faction capitals and a new 1-60 leveling zone. They could totally flip the script and make the new 1-60 zone be totally dynamic, have it scale with your level.
Nativebrown at The White Pine Journal
Sylvanas finally goes off her rocker; leaves the Horde to chase her own means and hits a crazy level over nine thousand. Alleria returns and wants her captured and "rehabilitated" by the Alliance if you will. The Horde just wants her dead at this point. Who's going to get her?
unlimitedBLACK at Power Word: Remix

Scarabs of the Black Empire
Only now, after millenia of endless work by the dwindling numbers of the Aqir, Shur-Narqoth's tomb has been located, and the aqir, united once more after their long sundering, are poised to open it once again. The Horde and Alliance are suddenly beset by great worms erupting from underground, acting as gateways for the Aqir to launch their assault upon the factions' major cities. All surface-dwelling races recognize the threat of this Black Empire; the Zandalari even supplicate themselves to Warchief Vol'jin, stating that fighting the Aqir once united all trolls together and could do so once again.
BenMarble11 at Ornery Raid Leader

Rise of Lordaeron
I would have Lilian Voss make a return, she would re-appear with a new faction of scourge and bring battle across the ruins of Lordaeron against the forsaken. At the same time boats from Kul'Tiras appear at Stormwind bringing tales of undead rising and taking their island from them. After it is determined these undead are coming from Kul'Tiras by both the Forsaken and the Alliance we ship off to the tropical islands that Jaina Hails from....

The Great Sea
Queen Azshara finally makes her move, with the assistance of N'Zoth. and causes the landmass of Nazjatar to raise up and take over spot where the Maelstorm currently is. From there, she's able to launch a two pronged assault on both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, and allows the corruption of the Old One to spread far and wide. The pre-launch event would be the building of the land bridges that will connect the new continent to the others.

Howling Mad Murloc
Something is stirring in the waterways of Azeroth. Near lakes and streams everywhere from Darkshore to the Blasted Lands, children are disappearing, villages falling silent, and no-one leaves their homes after dark. Along the shores of the Eastern Kingdoms fishing boats are found deserted. More and more of the goblin trawlers plying their trade around Kalimdor are found drifting - or never found at all. Even the naga are nervous.

And beneath the surface of the water, the same chant can be heard everywhere...

Murgl-murgl... Murgl-murgl...

Rage of the Pantheon
And all over Azeroth, beams of stellar light stab down from the sky and the legions of the Titans arrive, routing the Burning Legion and sending them fleeing. Vast Titan structures arise all over the world, proving that most of the ones we know are merely a fraction of the Titan bases on Azeroth. Six major structures in all, one for each member of the Pantheon. Titan Watchers appear outside of the capitals, in Dalaran, in Pandaria.

Basically with each major patch, the heroes of Azeroth will go to each capital city, with dailies on basic tasks like sweeping, laying bricks and window washing, including doing a small amount each day to reconstruct or construct a major feature, i.e. Stormwind and its burnt playground, Silvermoon and half its scourge destroyed city.
David Mellusi

The World According to Milhouse Manastorm
Milhouse fancies himself the next Medivh, so he taps into the unformed Nether and channels much more power than he should... and he creates several floating islands of varying stability.

Dreamfolly would be a reality-bending world inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

The Refractory would be a pseudo wizardry and alchemy lab where things exist in Giant space, Normal space, or Shrinky space.

The Puzzlepedia would be a world inspired by Portal where several competing steam and magical constructs create deadly traps and puzzle dungeons.

Fires of Hatred
With no new enemy to conquer, no great threat looming over the horizon, the Horde and the Alliance at the peaks of their respective powers they finally turn their attention to each other in full out war. New features would include the ability for a faction to capture a zone and build fortresses, recruit troops to patrol the zone for the enemy faction. These would be done by completing specific quests and turning into special items found or looted from mobs throughout the zone.
Expansion 7.0... Illidan is back, and he's teamed up with Garrosh to destroy Azeroth in "World of Warcraft: You Don't Kill The Bad Guy This Time Either"
If you have an idea for a future Community Blog Topic, please post it in the comments below.

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