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Random Acts of Uberness: Uber-Claus is coming to town


'Tis the season to be uber, as demonstrated by this bursting-at-the-seams gift bag of Random Acts of Winter Veil Uberness.

Caught being uber: Mistsofjade, Lucidluna, and Taise, Hyjal (US-Horde) These ladies are handing out free cookies and milk to everyone on my server. The mage (Lucidluna) is also handing out free ports. They are dressed for the season as well. They are super nice. I also attached a screenshot of them handing stuff out under the tree in Org. I think they deserve the love and kindness they are giving this holiday season. -- Kazehana, Hyjal (US-Horde)

Caught being uber: Kaieye, Kael'thas (US-Alliance) I had just arrived in the Jade Forst on the hunter i'm leveling when I got a whisper from someone asking if they could "bother me for a moment." I wasn't sure what to expect, but I said sure, and they proceeded to tell me that they had just gotten a pair of epic mail trousers, and although I was only 85, I might be interested in having them for when I hit 87. I figured they might be nice for leveling a bit faster and speeding up the 90 gearing process, so I asked how much they wanted.

They then explained that they were free, and after inviting me to a group, saving me from a pack of mobs I had over-pulled, and trading them over, they wished me a happy winters veil and flew off. I think i'll try to do something similar for another player this holiday season. Big thanks to Kaieye-Kael'thas for spreading the holiday spirit. -- Mistjager, Kael'thas (US-Alliance)

Caught the spirit of being uber: Findrelor, Shu'Halo (US-Alliance) So, this is a story about how i became Santa Claus.I am planning on leaving my home server, Shu'Halo, as in my opinion it's not really the nicest place to be, but i decided, before i left, i'd have a Christmas giveaway for the lolz. So there i sat, in front of the Trade District fountain, giving gifts to passersby.

Originally, i was just planning to have a tiny giveaway, maybe 10 or 20 presents, and i ended up with an inventory full. I couldn't see the looks on their faces, but i didn't need to. I could tell that i made them happy, and that made me happy. The whispers i got just warmed my heart, too. Attached is a screenshot of me on my alt i used for the giveaway, Sântaclâus, as well as one of the people i gave a gift to, Willowufgood.

I'd like to remind everyone who sees this post, if you do indeed publish said post, that they should do things like this more often. Being nice never hurt anyone. P.S. Merry christmas! :D -- Findrelor, Shu'Halo (US-Alliance)

Caught being uber: Tanzanelle, Arathor (US-Alliance) I log to my sharman head out to do the daily Grinch quest on Sunday to get my mind off things my dog passed away a a few days ago so I feeling a little down . I got my quest item and then was about to fly back to Ironforge when I got a random invite pop up from a mage Tanzanelle from Arathor who was setting up ports to Ironforge.

I don't think they realized how this little act made me feel a bit better and left me with a small smile. So Tanzanelle from Arathor Thank you for making a bad day a little brighter. -- Tempestsrain, Proudmoore (US-Alliance)

Caught being uber: Izula, Cairne (US-Alliance) Today in Shrine I ran into a Santa by the name of Izula from the server Cairne, She was running around Shrine handing out gifts to people, Just whatever she had randomly I received an Ironscale Leg Armor while others receive royal satchels and other such Items, she made sure that everyone received an item.

Sadly there was a Grinch out there who wasn't happy with his gift but people in trade backed up the Night Elf Santa and shushed him up quick. It's times like that, that restore my faith that trade chat is not just a bunch of trolls and makes it one of the best Christmas I've had on wow and Wanted everyone to know that Izula is a great Santa for all of Perenolde and Cairne -- Areies, Perenolde/Cairne (US-Alliance)

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