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PS Plus in January: Don't Starve, BioShock Infinite, Brothers


The January freebies for PlayStation Plus have just been revealed and it's quite the eclectic mix. Next week, PS4 owners will be able to partake in Klei's survival simulator Don't Starve, a game about scrounging for supplies and surviving for just one more night in a hostile environment.

On PS3, will offer three separate free downloads in January: BioShock Infinite, DmC: Devil May Cry and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. BioShock Infinite, which takes place in the floating city of Columbia during 1912, is the latest first-person opus from Ken Levine and Irrational Games, while DmC: Devil May Cry is Ninja Theory's reboot of Capcom's devil hunter action series. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, the story of two young brothers on a quest to obtain medicine for their sick father, is from Starbreeze Studios.

Finally, rounding out next month's downloads are two PS Vita offerings: Smart As... and Worms: Battle Islands. The former is a brain training game while the latter is another entry in Team17's long-running Worms franchise.

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