LG's bringing Ultra HD OLED TVs in more sizes to CES, ramping up production

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Richard Lawler
January 3, 2014 10:39 AM
LG's bringing Ultra HD OLED TVs in more sizes to CES, ramping up production

Last year LG and Samsung did battle with their first few commercially released OLED HDTVs, and now at CES 2014 we're moving on to round two. The curved 77-inch Ultra HD OLED shown as a concept late last year will return, this time rocking a model number (77EC9800) and focus on specs (3D, upscaling, apps and processing of 4K video) that makes it seem due for release very soon, along with 55- and 65-inch sizes. It's also showing off a second gen 55-inch curved OLED HDTV (no ultra) that it claims has "more recyclable materials and considerably fewer parts" than its predecessor. While being green is nice, we're most interested in knowing if the 55EB9600 can ship for a price well below $10,000.

Flat TV fans will have to live with the same 55-inch "Gallery OLED" from a few months ago (and possibly US release information?), however the most important news will probably not be seen on the show floor. LG closes its press release with word that it's expanding production in a number of countries outside Korea, with plants in Brazil, Poland, China and Thailand already built. Of particular interest to us is a facility in Mexico opening later this year specifically meant to serve the North American market. Now that OLED TVs are a reality the race has moved to who can produce an affordable version, and these new plants will go a long way towards helping LG do that.

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