PocketQube launches a DIY micro-satellite store

Thanks to Kickstarter, we've seen all manner of projects go from someone's dream to the limelight, and the folks behind PocketQube want to keep that circle in motion. After raising the needed funds and successfully launching a fleet of tiny satellites into orbit, the outfit is opening a one-stop shop with everything you'd need to send your own gaggle of cubes into space. Because the platform uses proven off-the-shelf components and a comparatively smaller frame (5cm x 5cm x 5cm) than its competitors, the firm says its vessels are cheaper to launch and land. Typical cube missions can cost as much as a house according to PocketQube, while its own celestial rangers are priced about the same as a car. While that nebulous amount may still be out of reach for typical consumers, it could be low enough for schools and universities to launch their own space-faring gizmos.