CES 2014: Cameras and digital imaging roundup

As in years past, CES wasn't the premier showcase for groundbreaking digital imaging products, but we still saw our fair share of photo-centric updates. Of course, with manufacturers highlighting a wide array of 4K televisions, it wasn't surprising to see them emphasize Ultra HD on the capture side of things, too. Most notable on that front was Sony's compact $2,000 4K Handycam. It's significantly smaller than the company's pricier alternative, and it scores major points for affordability, too. Other manufacturers also peddled 4K shooters, such as Panasonic with its GH and head-mounted prototypes, but the pre-release versions on display weren't nearly as compelling as the model Sony plans to start shipping in March.

As for still cameras, Nikon was the only manufacturer to (albeit quietly) launch a flagship. The D4S isn't shipping to photographers any time soon, but it will debut on the sidelines at the 2014 Winter Olympics next month, as select pros cover the Games with the latest and greatest DSLR. As for consumer models, Canon's PowerShot N100 takes the cake for most innovative point-and-shoot, thanks to its somewhat-gimmicky rear-facing camera positioned above the flip-up LCD. Sony also delivered a new mirrorless cam, the Alpha 5000 (the company ditched the NEX branding last year). Nearly all of the photography products we've seen this year come equipped with WiFi, expanding instant sharing functionality beyond hybrid models like Samsung's Galaxy Camera 2.

If you didn't get what you were hoping for on the digital imaging front at CES, stay tuned for CP+ next month. Japan's annual camera show is sure to bring plenty of point-and-shoots, and perhaps even an up-close look at the Nikon D4S.