The Repopulation passes $100K, eyes traveling vendors

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|01.19.14

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The Repopulation passes $100K, eyes traveling vendors
The Repopulation traveling vendor
Another day, another stretch goal accomplished by The Repopulation. This time, the sci-fi sandbox passed the $100,000 mark and ensured that cooperative structure placement will make it into the game.

Next up is the traveling vendors goal at $115,000. What's a traveling vendor? Well, it basically "allows players to mark themselves as a vendor at any time," Above & Beyond explains on its website. "While this flag is enabled, other players will be able to interact with them to browse and purchase goods which they have marked for sale without any player interaction necessary."

There's a lot more to traveling vendors, but you'll need to click through the links below for full details.
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