Star Trek Online adds small craft arena PvP

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Star Trek Online adds small craft arena PvP
Star Trek Online
Fans of flying around in small spaceships and shooting at other, equally small spaceships are due for a treat in Star Trek Online. Cryptic Studios has just unveiled a new PvP arena mode for the game that focuses on pitched small craft combat. Due to the popularity of small craft PvP via community events and Star Trek Online's private PvP queue, the development team designed to go ahead and implement an official queue into the game.

The arena is available to level 50 players and takes place in the Cracked Planetoid map. Each match lasts until one team earns 15 kills. Expertise and energy credits will be awarded to all teams, as will credit toward daily arena missions. To be eligible, you must select a default small craft at the nearest shipyard.

Small craft PvP is set to launch with Season 8.5 on January 30th, 2014. You can check it out now on the STO test server.
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