CryEngine-powered open-world RPG Cradle rocks onto Kickstarter

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S. Prell
January 26th, 2014
CryEngine-powered open-world RPG Cradle rocks onto Kickstarter

Cradle from Mojo Game Studios is an open-world RPG that features wars between gods, forgotten ancient cities and a proprietary combat system, among other things. And, being powered by the CryEngine, said things are very pretty. Mojo isn't quite finished with the game though, and just as every wizard needs his wand, every rogue needs her dagger, every paladin his shield, they need your money to fund development; $350,000 of it by February 20 to be precise.

The team behind Cradle are promising an epic experience that engages the player instead of relegating them to to-do lists and fetch quests. "In Cradle, you'll never have to collect 15 boar skins or kill 25 beetles," reads the Kickstarter page. "This is an adventure for you to discover and explore, not a list of chores."

The team also claims to have developed a patent-pending combat system. The system, dubbed "Realfight," changes animations depending on where players aim, as well as what their last attack was. If a player wanted to slash at an enemy's torso on the right side with a follow-up slash to the left side, they would need to aim at the right side, click the right mouse button, aim at the left side, and click the left mouse button. Weapons are unique to each character class, and can be augmented throughout the game.

The game is slated to explore the mystical realm of PC in summer of 2016 if all goes well. You can learn more about Cradle by visiting the game's Kickstarter page, or by watching the video embedded above.

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