INKredible for iPad is an excellent note-taking app

I wasn't sure exactly what INKredible was all about when I first sat down to use it. It turns out that this free app (with in-app purchases) is a really useful note-taker for writing directly on your iPad to make easily edited notes.

After launching INKredible for iPad the first time, you're greeted with a quick tutorial, and then you are presented with a blank, distraction-free page. Controls and buttons are visible with a swipe.

Your pen strokes are vector graphics, so print-outs look truly detailed without stair-stepping jaggies. At first, using your finger (or stylus if you prefer) seems a bit awkward, but after a couple of minutes, it feels completely natural. The app has a feature called "automatic palm rejection" that works in stylus mode so your palm or wrist can be on the screen and not mess up what you are writing. A stylus is not required in stylus mode -- you can still use your finger.

There are status indicators at the top of the screen to let you know what mode you are using. Sketches are easy if you are so inclined, so it's a nice app for creating simple drawings, although there are no built-in shapes. Everything is drawn freehand. Fortunately, there are unlimited undo and redo options.

Pages are flipped by swiping. You can highlight text or a drawing and drag it elsewhere on the page or delete it.

The app supports the iOS clipboard, and you can export via email or as a PDF. While the app is free, there are three reasonably priced add-ons each available at US$0.99: a Calligraphy Pen, a Ballpoint and a Wet Brush.

INKredible is a very nice app, and if you take notes or like to draw, I suggest you download the free version -- it may be enough to meet your needs. My handwriting looked much better in this app than it does on paper.

INKredible requires iOS 6 or later. It's iPad only, and works in portrait or landscape mode.