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Microsoft brand swap: Skydrive to become OneDrive

David Hinkle
David Hinkle|@davehinkle|January 27, 2014 8:00 PM

Microsoft has announced its online file storage platform SkyDrive is being re-branded to OneDrive. The new name is largely the product of a dispute, which Microsoft lost, over the "Sky" name with British broadcasting company BSkyB – the outfit behind Britain's premium Sky channels.

"We believe the new OneDrive name conveys the value we can deliver for you and best represents our vision for the future," the Microsoft announcement reads. The post goes on to say existing users should find no breaks in service as Microsoft slaps the new name all over the old digs. If for some reason you absolutely must know the second OneDrive is live, you can sign up to be notified through email at the official site.

SkyDrive is not only Microsoft's online file-hosting service, it also integrates with Xbox One to allow users to record clips of gameplay, edit them through Upload Studio, then publish and share them online. The change in moniker does not affect this functionality, which is still currently available to all Xbox One owners – granted they have an Xbox Live Gold subscription.
Microsoft brand swap: Skydrive to become OneDrive