Advertisement sale highlights 30 games from the past 30 years

A new promotion at GOG is bringing 30 games from the past 30 years into the spotlight. A rotating carousel of discounted games will be offered, one at a time – as more people purchase the highlighted deal, it gets more time as a featured game. GOG users can also vote to cut or add a second to each deal's promotion time.

Discounts can reach as high as 90% and sale prices can go as low as $0.59. Before this post was published, we saw a bundle of the first three Space Quest games offered up for $2.99. The sale started with Zork Anthology, a six-game collection of the classic text-adventure series, for $1.79.

Once GOG has gone through all 30 deals, the sale will end. If you're interested in checking out what's available, point your browser over to and get comfortable. There's no telling how long each game will be featured.

Image: GOG

Show full PR text Takes Gamers on a Trip Down Memory Lane with the DRM-free Time Machine Sale!

DRM-free digital distributor picks out over 30 classics spanning three decades of computer gaming history; games for as little as $0.59.'s custom-made time machine is ready to take you back to some of gaming's proudest moments. Kicking off in 1983, the DRM-free Time Machine Sale will make true classics
available one a time, with gamers given the ability to extend or shorten the amount of time for each deal. The promo will end when time-space continuum snaps back to 2014 at the end of the sale--whenever the wibbly-wobbly, gamey-wamey distortions end.

The DRM-free Time Machine will let gamers travel back to premium destinations. Fans of chills, thrills, and the darker side of the human mind should enjoy Amnesia: The Dark Descent (90% off, $1.99; 2010) while the cRPG crowd will definitely appreciate the ridiculous size and engrossing storyline of Wizardry 6 and 7 (75% off, $1.49; 1990). More action-oriented gamers with a taste for cheesy one-liners will spend long hours with Serious Sam: The First Encounter (90% off, $0.59; 2002)--and 28 more games as yet un-revealed!

With this robust celebration of the best games in the history of the medium and plenty of exciting new releases like tactical-RPG gem Blackguards and absurdist comedy adventure The Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites, remains the #1 destination for DRM-free gaming for PC and Mac as the years go rolling by.

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