Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon director building 'dream team' for new project

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon director building 'dream team' for new project
Dean Evans, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon's director, is already assembling a team for his next game. It's not a follow-up to the standalone laser-filled neon shooter, but rather a new game – a "dream project."

"It's the one all of us have always wanted to make and it seems like they're gonna let us do it," Evans told Polygon. Evans and his team are currently occupying the former offices of THQ Montreal, which Ubisoft snatched up during THQ's liquidation. Evans has already enlisted a concept artist, Darren Bartley, and an unnamed art director whose past experience includes AAA stealth games and third-person shooters.

"These are two guys I've wanted to work with for a very long time. And because of how Blood Dragon went down, I've got the trust from the guys upstairs [at Ubisoft] to go and build a compelling and unique universe." Evans added that this doesn't necessarily mean we'll definitely see his game released – Ubisoft could still pull the plug at any time.

"The audience I'm interested in speaking to is people that dismiss games and don't consider themselves gamers," Evans added about this new project. "There is so much we can do to bring new gamers into the fold, but we're constantly putting up barriers all the fucking time."

But, as far as a Blood Dragon sequel is concerned, Evans thinks the universe could support another game. "If we do something we want to make sure we take our time with it. When working on the game, I built a universe - and that's the most amazing process to go through, your world building. And when you build a world and you build a universe that has tight logic on it, you have longevity in that."

Last year, actor Michael Biehn, who plays Blood Dragon protagonist Rex "Power" Colt, said that Evans was pitching the idea for a sequel to Ubisoft. Unfortunately, Ubisoft did not respond to our inquiries on the matter.
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