Massively exclusive: Champions Online gears up for a rampage

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|02.06.14

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Massively exclusive: Champions Online gears up for a rampage
Hot stuff, baby, this evening.
Are you ready to go on a rampage in Champions Online? Good, because there's a big Rampage revamp on its way to the game that should provide players with a lot of new things to do. Three missions are getting a full redo with rewards and challenges tweaked, and a brand-new Rampage is being added to the game, giving veteran players a chance to group up and pit themselves against the toughest opponents Millennium City and points related has to offer.

The new Fire and Ice Rampage pits players against two villains originally designed by a player, and the title alone should give you some idea about what's coming. Meanwhile, the Gravitar, Lemurian Invasion, and Sky Carrier have been turned into proper Rampages with an updated set of items and costume pieces on offer. Check out the preview gallery, and click past the cut for all the details on this upcoming addition.
Full press release:
Flying robots, underground invasions, and a deadly duo of supervillains -- heroes of Champions Online, get ready for the upcoming Rampage Revamp! We're launching a brand-new Fire and Ice Rampage instance, remastering rewards for three other missions, and standardizing them all as 10-man Rampage instances. Plus, new private Rampage queues mean you can get your entire handpicked team of boss-killers together, without any randoms.

Millennium City's caught between a rock and a hot place as supervillains Kenina Blaze and Frosticus attack, in the brand-new Fire and Ice Rampage. The first couple of crime is a challenge fit for raid veterans, with crowd control and team-wiping powers that will punish uncoordinated teams. Credit for Blaze and Frosticus' designs goes to awesome Champions player @Fryguy8544, originally as part of our Design a Villain contest.

When the Rampage Revamp goes live, four Rampages will be in the rotation, switching out every three days: the new Fire and Ice Rampage, plus Gravitar, Sky Carrier, Lemurian Invasion. As part of the Rampage Revamp, we're adding new rewards to all of the Rampages, including brand-new costume pieces, special perks, and Justice gear. This new ultimate tier of equipment has even more slots for customization; earn tokens in Rampages to get your own Justice set.

Get ready for action, heroes, because the Rampage Revamp is coming soon to Champions Online!
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