'Irrational Jobs' career outreach forms in the wake of BioShock dev layoffs

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'Irrational Jobs' career outreach forms in the wake of BioShock dev layoffs
Immediately following todays' announcement that Irrational Games is winding down to just 15 employees, the hashtag "#IrrationalJobs" sprung up on Twitter to assist developers in finding new jobs. A similar, immediate outreach happened in the wake of 38 Studios' closure in May 2012.

While the hashtag is currently in its infancy, it's accompanied by a link to a Google Doc full of opportunities for the studio's exiting developers. As Irrational Games Co-Founder Ken Levine noted in today's announcement, third-party developers and publishers should email chris.bigelow@2k.com directly with any interest in interviewing the departing employees.

With any luck, the social media outreach, Irrational Games-hosted recruiting day and third-party developer interest will provide the BioShock developer's outgoing staff with enough opportunities to make their transitions seamless.
[Image: Irrational Games]
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