New office means faster content updates, says Starbound creator

In a blog post celebrating the acquisition of a new office space, the developers behind Starbound claim that having all of their personnel under one roof will allow the studio to issue more frequent content updates for the sandbox exploration game.

"The programmers have been putting the finishing touches on the system we're going to use to push updates more frequently," wroteStarbound creator Finn "Tiy" Brice. "Essentially we're separating content updates and engine updates. Content updates are going to be pushed to the server as and when content is finished being produced, we're no longer going to wait on engine updates to push them out at the same time. This also means engine updates will get additional internal testing."

"The artists have been working on a bunch of new content that's pretty much ready to go as soon as this is done. We'll also be adding the best/most fitting mods to the game with increased frequency," added Brice. "The pace is really going to pick up."

Brice also notes that these more frequent content updates will not increase Starbound's version number. Though this won't impact most players, it a thoughtful touch for Starbound modders who would otherwise need to update their mods to match the new version number each time Brice's team adds a new carnivorous plant creature to the game.

[Image: Chucklefish]