Random Acts of Uberness: Good times with good people

Good deeds are all well and good, but good people truly make the world go 'round. If you're recruiting for your guild, you couldn't do better than to find players like these. Good times with good people -- that's taking the random roll out of Random Acts of Uberness.

Caught being uber: Aret, Baelgun (US- Alliance) I'm leveling a Priest alt, Holygears, and I'm in Uldum. The area seems particularly busy perhaps because so many of us are trying to push alts to 90 (we have to use all that yummy Timeless Isle gear, don't we?).

My quest was The Bandit Warlord and required killing Warlord Ihsenn. While I'm flying there, I'm thinking I might have to wait awhile for a respawn because of how busy the area is. As the Warlord shows up on the horizon, I realize he's alive but already tagged. Bummer ... worst timing ever!

Just to help him go down faster, I start hitting the Warlord with Penance, Holy Fire, and a Smite. In the middle of whacking buttons, up pops a group invite. Since the Warlord is going down fast, I quickly accepted, the Warlord died, and I got credit. I typed "Thanks" in party chat and Aret of Baelgun replied with an abbreviated "No problem." Aret managed to invite me and Mesmerizze of Whisperwind before the Warlord died so we could all three get credit.

It's not a huge deal, but it turned a potential "sit and wait" depressing scenario into a "keep on going" moment. Thanks, Aret. -- Holygears, Alexstrasza (US-Alliance)

Caught being uber: Luckypuppy, Gurubashi (US- Horde) Not quite cut from the same cloth as the other Uber Acts, but definately Uber.

On February 19th at 1127p est, Luckypuppy-Gurubashi was in trade chat. I only caught the tail end of his story, but he was talking about his wife's passing recently/suddenly. You would have to solicit the full story from someone else, but it was essentially about him and his wife playing together and really meshing with the community and feeling like a part of something, and how he felt being in-game was therapeutic. Pardon the big piece of paraphrase pie, his words were obviously more eloquently assembled.

We all love (or love to hate) this game, but as many nights as we spend raiding, leveling, or just plain putzing around, it is still only a game. The RNG of Life can give much bigger hurdles than dropping that stubborn raid boss. And to come to /2 of all places to open up? Kudos, Sir. Thoughts and Prayers to LuckyPuppy and his Family. -- KCCO

Caught being uber: Coltimus, Thunderlord (US-Alliance) I had an awesome tank in Gates LFR on Saturday 2/22/14. His name was Coltimus from the Thunderlord server (US).

He'd already done the first boss, but he asked if anyone was new. Set up a tower group and explained the whole fight for those who were new. Actually complimented everyone for doing a good job and heaped lots of praise onto the healers. I wanted to give a shoutout to him for really making a wing that can be challeging loads of fun. -- Shepardbook, Earthen Ring (US-Alliance)

Until next time -- be excellent to one another!