6 iPhone accessories you're using that make the rest of us shake our heads

iphone facepalm

Your friends are really nice people -- so nice, in fact, that they bite their tongues every time they see your iPhone. I know you thought that obnoxious case you bought at a mall kiosk seemed like a great idea at the time, and whatever that is sticking out of your headphone jack seems like it's pretty important, but you should know that the rest of us don't feel the same way.

If you're using one of these iPhone "accessories," you should probably consider a replacement.

iphone accessories

You want to stand out so you bought an iPhone case that's been bedazzled like a 1980s jean jacket. There's no way this thing is comfortable to hold, much less press up against the side of your face, so why put yourself through the pain (and embarrassment) of pretending like this $2.99 purchase was a good idea? Oh, and one of your little "jewels" came unglued and dropped into your coffee cup.

stylus case

You're carrying around a goofy little stylus, hanging from a string, plugged into your headphone jack? What planet are you living on? You know why capacitive touchscreens exist? It's so we don't have to carry these types of things with us. But there you go, doing it anyway, and laughing in the face of the technological progress we've made. Don't worry, we're laughing too.

iphone accessories

It sure is cuddly, and I bet it was really soft and pleasant when you first bought it, but that was two months ago. Now your little kitty is shedding, and there's no excuse for an iPhone case that somehow makes your clothes dirtier. On top of that, the coffee spill you set your phone on last week have left your furry friend completely filthy. Let this stray go.

iphone accessories

Are you a security guard or a cop? Is it 1998? No? Then get your phone off of your waist. In fact, scratch that, not even cops or security guards use these anymore.

iphone accessories

We get it; You're a "princess"... or something. But that's no excuse for dressing your home button up like some kind of creepy fairy. Also, if you're using an accessory at the expense of a functioning Touch ID sensor, you need a lesson in device security.

iphone accessories

Talk about pointless, who in their right mind would bother to... Ok, you know what? This is pretty amazing. I'm still shaking my head, but only because I know I'm not cool enough to pull this one off. If you're walking around with this in your pocket (or backpack, I guess), I salute you.