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PixelJunk Inc is now Nom Nom Galaxy, chomping on Steam next week

Mike Suszek, @mikesuszek
March 7, 2014

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Q-Games' PixelJunk Inc has long been in development, and will see an alpha version launch on Steam's Early Access service on March 13. The game, which was originally codenamed "PixelJunk 1-6" in November 2012, will also undergo a name change and be known as Nom Nom Galaxy from here on out.

Q-Games originally planned to launch Nom Nom Galaxy on Steam last year, and now has a quirky Early Access trailer to make up for lost time. In the trailer, Q-Games serves up the game's new name and places items like a PS3 and a copy of StarFox Command in a giant pot of soup. Given that players use lasers to destroy the environment in the 2D platformer and in turn build their soup empire, we guess boiling a game console in a video makes sense on some level.
[Image: Q-Games]

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Kyoto, Japan - Q-Games, the developer behind the popular PixelJunk series of games on

PlayStation Network and Steam, is gearing up for an amazing BitSummit this weekend at Miyako

Messe in Kyoto, Japan. As a founding member of the BitSummit team, we are excited to show how

much the event, and Q-Games, has to offer this year.

The show floor will be packed with amazing indie games from local developers, and as one of

Japan's premier independent developers, we are excited to put our games into the hands of fellow

developers and the public.

Those looking for more news about the eighth PixelJunk title, our genre bending, intergalactic

soup shipping playground, will be happy to hear that big announcements are in store at

BitSummit. To reflect development, PixelJunk Inc. will now be known as Nom Nom Galaxy! While

we've loved the name former name, during development this past year we've wanted a name

captures the spacey deliciousness of the game. "Nom Nom," which is an onomatopoeia for

enjoying delicious food in both English and Japanese, fits this perfectly. The latest build of Nom

Nom Galaxy will be ready to play at the Q-Games booth.

But good news doesn't stop there! We know that our fans are ready to hear when they can

partake of the next batch of PixelJunk soup in the comfort of their homes. Everything will be

revealed in the PixelJunk Kitchen!

Nom Nom Galaxy Reveal:

Finally, at the Q-Games booth we'll be showing the newly announced PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate

for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. This will be the first time gamers will be able to play the

new enhanced version of the classic PSN title, which was developed in partnership with Double

Eleven, Ltd. (PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate, Little Big Planet PS Vita).

PixelJunk Inc. is currently being developed for Steam on PC with an anticipated release later this

year. Mac and Linux versions will follow the initial PC release. Gamers can follow PixelJunk Inc.'s

progress on our weekly developer's blog here,, and stay updated with new

screenshots, trailers, and wallpapers.

PixelJunk Shooter. is currently being developed for PS4 and PSVita by Double Eleven Ltd. and will

be released Summer 2014.

Screenshots and logos available here:

For questions or more info please contact John Davis (

About Q-Games: Founded in 2001, Q-Games is an independent development studio based in Kyoto, Japan,

known both for its technological innovations and its pioneering video game software. During its decade-plus

history Q-Games has crafted games for Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation

Portable, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, and PC platforms. On the technical side Q-Games founder, Dylan

Cuthbert, along with Kentaro Yoshida, both industry veterans who worked on classics like StarFox and

Panzer Dragoon, created the iconic PlayStation 2 "duck demo" (showcasing the processing power of the

system's 'Emotion Engine'). Q-Games later fueled the graphics technology behind the PlayStation 3's

XrossMediaBar and music visualizers. Embracing the future, Q-Games continues to innovate and expand its

portfolio as the game industry evolves, branching out into the PC and mobile gaming arenas. For more

information about Q-Games, its history and its future, please visit the company's website at

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