Meet Pantheon's undead minotaurs and be gored by them

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.13.14

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Meet Pantheon's undead minotaurs and be gored by them
You know the saying: You can't keep a good berzerking minotaur down. And in the multiverse of Pantheon, you won't have to.

In a Pantheon dev blog posted today, the team introduced the Taurokians, giant, fearsome minotaurs plucked from their home planet and put on Terminus to survive: "Their martial prowess originated from their culture that was steeped in brutal warfare and ritualistic dark arts. They learned to master the secrets of steel and iron, forging some of the finest armor and weapons ever wielded on Terminus."

While they did fine for a while, their small numbers coupled with a battle gone sour resulted in the Taurokians' extermination. But magic being what it is, the minotaurs came back as hulking undead skeletons looking for more fights.
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