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Engadget HD Podcast 390 - 3.19.14

Engadget HD Podcast 390 - 3.19.14
Jon Turi
Jon Turi|@jonturi|March 19, 2014 5:06 PM

Streaming services, set-top boxes and dongles are dominating HD news this week, and there's quite a few to discuss. Rumors are bubbling up about more Amazon hardware to match the competition's offerings and Chromecast continues to make headlines with the international roll out of its diminutive device. Surprisingly, Richard isn't going on about March Madness and Ben is lukewarm about the arrival of an ACC Sports channel for Apple TV. Signs of the robopocalypse perhaps? We hope not, since there's plenty of Titanfall still to play and the Xbox One was catching up to PlayStation 4 sales numbers. Keep in mind that Microsoft has only just decided to take its console global. We've got plenty in store and its all packed into this episode of the Engadget HD Podcast, conveniently located at the streaming links below.

Hosts: Richard Lawler, Ben Drawbaugh

Producer: Jon Turi

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05:46 - Rumors of an Amazon music service, TV set-top box swirl yet again
07:16 - Amazon's streaming device is reportedly a dongle with gaming support
13:10 - Plex adds free Chromecast support for all, media shuffling and camera uploads to iOS
14:23 - Chromecast Android app prepped for upcoming international rollout
14:34 - Big UK retailer lists Chromecast ahead of an official launch
16:06 - Google settles its seven-year YouTube copyright battle with Viacom
19:10 - PlayStation 4 tops US console sales in February, but Xbox One narrows the gap
24:14 - Microsoft to take Xbox One to 26 new countries in September
27:16 - ACC Sports channel arrives on Apple TV with on-demand analysis and highlights
28:43 - Torrent front end Popcorn Time made streaming movies free and easy, so of course it's gone
33:03 - Veronica Mars Ultraviolet digital copies frustrate many backers, Warner Bros. offers refunds
35:24 - Dish's Super Joey DVR extender arrives, lets you record eight shows at once
36:15 - Netflix's three new originals include 'Shrek' and 'Madagascar' spin-offs
38:00 - March Madness Live 2014: new apps, redesigned brackets and more social features
38:58 - Must See HDTV for the week of March 17th: March Madness, American Hustle, Infamous
43:18 - 'Project Morpheus' is Sony's virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4

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Engadget HD Podcast 390 - 3.19.14